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Benefits of dancing in general

What is line dancing?

Line dancing is an innovative and fun dancesport for dancers of all levels, genders and ages and incorporates established dance styles and techniques with certain adjustments for the unique properties of line dancing.

Styles taught

It is performed mostly solo but can also be danced in partner form by a number of people all facing in the same direction and moving in lines where everybody does the same steps. A line dance consists of a sequence of steps choreographed by a line dance choreographer to a specific piece of music and these are repeated several times changing direction from wall to wall.  Line dances are defined by the number of counts in a dance, level of difficulty and number of walls it is repeated to.  Counts are the number of beats one sequence of the dance runs over.

Generally speaking the higher the count, the more difficult the dance is likely to be, as there will be more steps to remember.

Line dancing is a fun, social way of exercising whereby you meet an array of different people and is an excellent way of making new friends around the world.  Another advantage of solo line dancing is that you do not require a partner and socials can be attended and enjoyed on your own.

We also provide a performance team for interactive corporate and private functions whereby we put on a short demonstration and teach easy, fun line dances befitting the theme of the function or party.

Where did line dancing have it’s origins?

Despite its association with cowboy boots and Stetsons, line dancing originally had little to do with the country and western scene.  It definitely does not date back to the days of the cowboys.  Line dancing first started in the USA, some time in the late 1970’s to early 1980’s and was performed to disco music as much as to country music and line dancers would dance to whatever was played. Few of the dances actually had their origins in country dancing.  Billy Ray Cyrus’s “Achy Breaky Heart” started the “country” line dance craze  when a very well-known instructor/choreographer from Nashville, Melanie Greenwood, choreographed the original dance to this song.  Line dancing spread like “a vine”, especially to the UK but also to the rest of Europe and because of brilliant line dance choreographers across the world constantly choreographing dances to the latest music hitting the charts, it has become a worldwide phenomenom and dance sport. International and National competitions like World Dance Master, CWDC, UCWDC and WCDF are held regularly as well as International progression and achievement exams/awards.