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Grading and Progression Awards (South Africa)

The objective in offering this annual progression grading is to allow the social line dancer an opportunity to work towards personal achievement and be rewarded for their annual progression accordingly and for as long as they intend to dance and be graded. It is realized that many dancers throughout the line dance spectrum are committed to their social/classic line dancing and work extremely hard to master dances and the various styles taught to them in class and done at socials and C.W.D.S.A awards each South African dancer the opportunity to reap the benefits of their hard work in class by being graded year after year on WHICHEVER LEVEL they choose to start with or stay at and achieve a CERTIFICATE  as well as a MEDAL for this.  An added advantage to this particular grading, is that the dancer, together with their instructor have the opportunity year after year to partake interactively in this by giving their input as to which dances are selected on the various levels for that particular year…AND THEN THERE’S STILL A CHOICE of which dances for each dancer to choose from in each level. This system of grading is all about CHOICES due to the various styles in Line and Country Dance

2019 Grading and Progression Awards information letter.